Episode 3 - Meet Cute, Meet Mortals

Our adorable ghosty gets thrown out of a room?! With Salt?! Oh...salt Stones!

Join us for a haunting tale about the research team, our first pair of participants and a great deal of social anxiety!


Updates: The Unmortal Voice podcast will now be uploading new episodes on a tri-weekly basis. Thank you!

Episode 2 - Vital Laws: Vampires

Our concerned ghosty went to a moving?! Oh, a movie! Join us for a haunting tale about a B-grade horror movie, a lost radio and a great deal of frustration! 

Episode 1 - Many Haunting Returns

Our solitary ghosty makes an appearance in the mortal realm?! Join us for a haunting tale of a reunion, a mask shop and many apologies to an old friend! 
Content Warning: Features high-pitched scream @ 07:12.

The Unmortal Voice - Trailer

When tensions rise among vampires and humans, The voice, an eager-to-learn ghosty follows an opportunity to do a directed study on trust, communication and connection in the mortal world. In a new realm, searching for answers, The Voice finds comfort with their closest friend, and favourite home to haunt, Hearth. 

Join us in for your first Haunting! 

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